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The great American Developer, Hank Fried, has founded the Impulsive Group in 1996.
The Impulsive group is basically based on the vision of a superb Lifestyle Hospitality Co. and is working from New York, NY. This company is specialized in hotels and boutique development and their management. Along with it, Impulsive Group has a number of luxury yachts available for charter to enjoy vocations. There are many more unique things being done under the umbrella of The Impulsive Group.

The Impulsive group has become an Icon in luxurious hotel properties. Having all magnificence charter yachts, other Impulsive Group hotels properties include the Ameritania Hotel, Broadway Hotel and the famous Marrakech Hotel on the Upper West Side of New York. But the Impulsive Group is not only limited with these hotels. There are also a number of hotels run under the management of the Impulsive Group in Manhattan city.

The Impulsive Group has a great mission statement that expresses Group vision and approach towards great guest services with luxury style livings with comfort. The Impulsive Group mission statement is “The Impulsive Group embraces unique design concepts and intimate guest service, to create a collection of urban retreats, which offer an alternative to the ordinary.”

 The Impulsive Group is a name of luxury, style and beauty. The properties holds by Impulsive Group are having their own distinctive nuance and flavor. This is same for each individual hotel property operated by the Impulsive Group. Although it is not easy to maintain distinctive feature against each property, yet all these top class luxury styles hotel properties represents the Impulsive Group’s dedications in providing quality accommodations with elegant, superb and distinctive décor with a superior customer service for its valuable and high class clients. Client’s satisfaction by facilitating them with great luxury style livings is the key of success for the Impulsive Group.

The Impulsive Group gives a unique and perspective importance to each hotels property maintained and managed under its name.  The famous Marrakech Hotel is based on Moroccan themed that has made a great and wonderful experience to live and stay at the Marrakech Hotel. People staying in the Marrakech Hotel feel a peaceful and dreamy Moroccan environment experiences. Another Impulsive Group Sanctuary Hotel is also a great piece of art and beauty. On the whole each and every property of the Impulsive Group offers an exquisite luxury living experience at extraordinary value. There are many packages available with customized destinations selection through the Impulsive Group Amazing properties.

The Impulsive Group’s Future plans and upcoming projects include the expansion plan of the Ameritania Hotel for 100 new rooms. Also upgrading of the Broadway Hostel and Hotel is under process. Also The Impulsive Group is looking further for exploring acquisition opportunities in San Francisco, Boston, Tahiti and Miami. Good Luck the Impulsive group.


Marrakech Hotel
The Marrakech is a Moroccan themed hotel featuring uncompromising service, an accommodating staff, intimate guest rooms, and a chic lobby lounge design. The hotel features 125 distinctly unique guest rooms offering down comforters, European bed linens, and Ecco - natural bath essentials. Authentic Moroccan lamps, dining tables, ceramic tiles, rich fabrics, and robust colors combine to present an atmosphere of tranquility and excitement.

2688 Broadway, New York, NY 10025, Tel: 212.222.2954


 Sanctuary Hotel
Currently undergoing a transformation into a unique urban life style resort, the Sanctuary will offer guests luxury accommodations and exceptional service unlike anything else in Manhattan. The vision for the Sanctuary is driven by our desire to develop a hotel concept of trendy chic combined with luxurious excitement.

Our guests will experience an atmosphere of tranquility and energy within the lobby's intimate alcoves, warming fireplaces, and hip lounge. All 125 newly crafted guest rooms will provide unique furnishings of exotic woods and quarried marble, an exposed sensual bathing design plan, premium bedding, and rich stylized fabrics. Sanctuary is slated for opening Late Fall of 2010.

(The property is open and operates as the newly refreshed Portland Square Hotel)

132 west 47th Street, New York, NY 10036;Tel: 212.382.0600


 Ameritania Hotel
Sophisticated urban style in the Broadway theater district. Open the impressive stainless steel and glass doors and enter a world of distinctive modern design. Rich mahogany paneling. Walls of glass. Innovative furniture. Chandeliers of floating silver discs. Original cast iron columns. Colorful hand painted murals. A contemporary oasis set in a beautiful beaux arts building. Home to Twist Lounge. Sit by the fire, relax and enjoy one of Twist's sensational drinks. Voted best Martini by CitySearch Magazine. Delightful twisted concoctions. The "Twist and Shout" with Tabasco soaked olives, the "Oliver Twist" or the "Twisted Sister". With it's colorful sixties murals and its retro suede lounge chairs, Twist harks back to an era when Martinis, Gibsons and Gimlets ruled.

230 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019;Tel:  cxcccccccc12.247.5000
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 Impulsive Charters
Fast and luxurious, Impulsive fits the bill for the side of you that craves excitement and for the side that demands the very best that life has to offer. Her impressive cruising speed of 28 knots defeats argument of "It's too far to go for lunch", making the next port of call closer than ever.


 Broadway Hotel and Hostel
Broadway Hotel and Hostel is located on the trendy Upper Westside of Manhattan. Situated on West 101st Street and Broadway, the hotel offers travelers a unique hostel experience and a central location to explore New York City. Hosting over 250 beds and select private rooms, the Broadway Hotel and Hostel provides basic accommodations to meet any travel budget.

230 West 101 Street, New York, NY 10025; Tel: 212.865.7710


 Paramount Buildings
Residential renovation firm providing total remodeling services for all building styles and sizes within the New York City Metro area. Special attention to design detail and the renovation budget are the hallmark of our firm's success in property enhancement. Hotel, Apartment, Brown Stone, Tenement, and Multi-Family units are within the scope of our expertise.

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